We are saddened by the passing of Representative John Lewis - the "conscience of Congress"
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Sat Dec 05 2020

Reposted from 7/20/20 The attorneys and staff of TAYLOR HUGULEY POWERS PLLC join the legal community and the nation in mourning the loss of Representative John Lewis. Mr. Lewis was a civil rights leader who consistently preached nonviolence during seminal front-line confrontations of the 1960s and later spent more than three decades in Congress. Debra Powers, one of THP's partners, notes that several years ago she met and spoke briefly with Mr. Lewis, and she considers it to be one of the greatest opportunities of her professional career. "I would like to say it was purely due to my hard work and dedication to making our legal community a better place that enabled me to meet him, but sometimes you just get lucky and are in the right place, at the right time. Mr. Lewis gave everyone in the room that day his time and attention. It was easy to see and feel why he has been a leader in one way or another for more than 60 years." His obituary can be found here and there are countless articles and opinion pieces about him available online.