Taylor Huguley Powers PLLC thanks all the people working hard so we can stay healthy!
Sat Dec 05 2020

Reposted from 4/23/20 Thank you Kelly Byrnes & Danker, PLLC for issuing us this challenge. Taylor Huguley Powers PLLC thanks and supports the first responders, the healthcare professionals, and all the store and restaurant workers for keeping us safe, healthy, and fed during this crisis! We are so grateful for those on the front line and behind the scenes in helping to fight Covid-19. Stay home for them, stay safe, and be well! Now we challenge Law Office of Jennifer S. Joffe PLC, Hirsch & Ehlenberger, P.C., and Mullett Dove Meacham & Bradley, PLLC – tell us who/what you are thankful for during this time.