Child Support

Children in Virginia have the right to financial support from both parents, whether their parents are married or not. Virginia’s laws regarding child support apply in the same way to married and unmarried parents. If paternity is an issue, then a DNA test can establish who the father is. Our family law attorneys at Taylor Huguley Powers represent mothers and fathers in Fairfax and other communities in Northern Virginia in all child support matters.

If both parents are W-2 wage earners and their child does not have special medical or educational issues, child support is relatively straightforward in Virginia. A statutory formula determines the amount of child support one parent will pay to the other parent each month. Of course, our lawyers can quickly calculate the correct numbers to input into the formula and determine the final amount of monthly child support.

Even so, some exceptions can make child support complex, such as the following:

Our family law attorneys are experienced in handling these complex child support matters and are available to assist you.